Sillery gaon

Sillery Gaon

 Sillery Gaon is a picture-perfect Himalayan hamlet surrounded by pine trees , this hamlet also called the New Darjeeling. Sillary Gaon is where silence and peace is in abundance along with the sheer natural beauty. The scenic beauty of the place is can’t  be expressed in word, the mesmerizing view of the Mt. Kanchenjungha with other snow capped pick from silleri gaon will be remember for life.

Sillary Gaon a small hamlet resides on the Himalayan mountain range very close to Pedong and Kalimpong town. Sillerygaon, where you can stay and experience village life and utter natural beauty in peace. The forefathers of Sillery village were cinchona planters, and there were 30 families in the beginning. “Sillary Shag” was predominately cultivated and the hamlet was famous for it, so the village was christened as ” Sillary Gaon”. Sillary Gaon offers 180 degree view of the majestic Kanchenjunga and on a clear day it’s sure to mesmerize the visitors with its sheer presence and magnificence. If you are bugged by the city life, it’s always interesting to take a break in a hamlet like Sillary Gaon and rejuvenate yourself.

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Sillery gaon sightseeing

There are many spots around Sillery gaon where travelers can go for sightseeing. Tinchuley View Point , Damsung Fort , Ramitey view point, Hanuman Top, Silent Valley are some of the most popular tourist spots around Sillery gaon.

Tinchuley View Point :There is a fascinating hilltop near Sillery Gaon, famously known as Tin Chuley. A stiff 30 minute uphill trek is enough to reach Tinchuley View Point . You can enjoy a 360-degree view of the impressive Himalayas from this site. On a clear day you can also see at a distance the Jelepla Pass and famous nathula pass.

Damsung Fort : It is the fort of last Lepcha King and the only fort in the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Damsang Fort, located 4 km away from Sillery gaon. Although only the ruins of the fort are visible, there is a lot of history behind this fort… it was built by the Lepcha King Gyabo Achyok in 1690 to defend attacks from the Bhutias. The trekking route towards the fort goes through pine forest and guest can enjoy the surrounding hills view.

Further ahead of the fort at a short distance is Hanuman Top. This Hanuman Top offers the excellent bird’s view of Kalimpong town and adjoining areas. There is a structure of Lord Hanuman here.

Ramitey view point: One of the best places to visit nearby is Ramitey View Point. A soft 3 km trek is good enough to reach the famous vantage point from sillery gaon. Guest can also reach the spot by car but the trek route is very nice. Ramitey View Point offers the stunning view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and its neighboring snow clad tops alongside the panoramic view of the winding River Teesta through the valleys with its 14 turn and the conversion of stream Teesta and Reshi . On a clear day the whole area from Teesta Bazar to Majhitar in Sikkim is visibly noticeable from Ramitey View Point.

Silent Valley: Silent Valley is another interesting place to visit from Sillery Gaon. It is located 3kms from Sillery Gaon. It is a picturesque valley with a vast stretch of green field surrounded by pine long trees. The quiet silence of the place gives it the name Silent Valley. During monsoon Silence valley becomes a small pond..

Best Time to visit Sillery gaon

Sillery Gaon is a perfect spot to visit during summer season to get away from the singing warmth. Walk to June and October to November are the two best an ideal time to visit Sillery Gaon to appreciate incredible climate and dazzling perspectives on the mountains. Sky as a rule stays clear during this time.

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