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Rongpokhola is a small village situated in east Sikkim. Located at an altitude of 3,000 feet, the village is built on the banks of the Rangpo River. surrounded by lush green forest & hill, by the River Rangpo this Himalayan hamlet is famous for its scenic beauty. This river is coming from Memencho lake, so it offers crystal clear bluish green stream..

Many fish can be found in the river water. Asala, trout, katla etc. can also be used as an interesting menu for lunch. There is a huge wooden hanging bridge over the river. If you stand on it, you can see a wonderful view of the river flowing and the impeccable nature around it. The melodious murmur of the overflowing river can be heard sitting at home. If you wish, you can go to the river bank and touch the water of the river, you can spend your time here by seeing the beauty of the blue river flowing through the chest of the dense forest.

A large gathering of different types of birds and butterflies can be seen here. Nearby are the Maasang Caves (there are spectacular statues of Buddha, Padmasambhava, Atibuddha on one floor, many rare ancient manuscripts carefully preserved on the second floor), Rangpo Dam (5 km away is a beautiful dam surrounded by high green hills and surrounded by green frozen water bodies).

Guest can reach here at a comfortable drive from NJP, Bagdogra, Gangtok, Pakyong, and Rongli, rongpokhola a fertile land with vivid geography and amazing bird life. Travelers can experience  the rural culture and tradition of Sikkim and its pristine natural beauty.

A family holiday or a weekend getaway at Rangpo River Side, guest will experience farm life and can wash away the stresses of modern life leaving them feeling fresh and rejuvenated

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Best Time to visit Rongpokhola

The months of April , May & October are some of the best times to visit. During July, August and September, this place is drenched and some times road are closed due to landslides . But during this time the whole region is covered in various wild flowers. During November to March , this region receives little to no rainfall during this time of the year.

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