Padamchen sikkim old silk route tour

Padamchen is a village situated  in the slopes of the Himalayan foothills dotted with dense  forest teeming with chirping birds. Perched at 7,000 ft and covered in dense forests, It is a small village on the Silk Route circuit just 14 kms from Rongli and 10 kms from Zuluk. This small Himalayan hamlet experiences a very pleasant weather throughout the year and this is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

If you are not used to biting cold and snowfall but want to experience the mesmerizing sunrise and winding roads and valleys of this Silk Route circuit, then staying at Padamchen could be a choice.  It has some of the best views of the valleys and forests of this part of Sikkim and Himalayan foothills.

Forest tickets have to be collected from Nimachen before Padmachen arrives. It must be that Pangalkha Wildlife Sanctuary surrounds Padmachen. Paradise to the bird lovers. It is heard that there are bears, cheetahs and anagona in the forest.

The intense cold and adverse weather of Zuluk is not tolerable for everyone, but the mind does not want to be far away again. So? The only answer is Padmachen. This small town, just ten kilometers below Zuluk, is popular with tourists today for its picturesque surroundings and comfortable year-round weather.

The forests around Padamchen support a wide variety of bird population and bird watchers would love to spend a few days here. The forests surrounding the village is home to a huge bird population like Laughing thrushes, Fulvettas, Honey Buzzards, Steppe Eagles, Babblers, Tits, Wrens and others.

While staying at Padamachen, you can go to watch the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjungha range from Thambi View Point (around 24 kms away) at 11,200 feet. The beautiful Kuikhola falls is just a few minutes drive from Padamchen. I must admit that Phadamchen has better staying options/home stays.

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Best Time to visit Padamchen

The months of April , May & October are some of the best times to visit. During July, August and September, this place is drenched and some times road are closed due to landslides . But during this time the whole region is covered in various wild flowers. During November to March , this region receives little to no rainfall during this time of the year.

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