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Gaddigaon-Aritar is famous for its for its enchanting natural beauty , surrounded with lush forests, entrancing waterfalls, pristine lakes and snow capped Himalayan peak. This Himalayan hamlet Settled under Rangoli sub-division of East Sikkim in North East India, The picturesque surroundings attract a lot of nature lover in this place. A breathtaking view of Khangchendzonga only adds to the many natural riches that Gaddigaon-Aritar is blessed with. Lush green forests, sweeping hills of paddy fields and placid lakes hidden inside deep forests makes it a perfect destination for those in search of nature trails and a serene holiday.The Aritar Lake (Ghati-Tso) is a nearby attraction.

Aritar hosts the Lampokhari Tourism Festival in the month of March/ April. There is leisurely boating in the Lampokhari Lake, horse riding around the Lake, traditional archery competition and short treks to nearby hilltops and viewpoints.

Top attraction of Gaddigaon -Aritar

Lampokhari : The Lampokari Lake surrounded by lush greenery is considered one of the oldest in Sikkim. Recently artificially constructed to facilitate boating for the tourists. At an altitude of 4600 ft (1,400 m) it is the only lake with boating facility in Sikkim.

Mankhim: A short trek from the aritar lake/ lampokhari lake leads you to Mankhim Dara, where a temple dedicated to the ethnic Rai community is located. Mankhim offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding areas. Mangkhim is located at a height of 6500 ft at “Maity Village” (Kheselakha) . Hattipailay is another virgin village where the visitors can see elephant footprints on rock.

Dak Bungalow : Popularly known as Ari-Bangla, it is an old British-built dak bungalow built by Sir James Claude White (first political officer of Sikkim during British rule in India) in the year 1895. At the same premises Sikkim’s first treasury was built as well as Sikkim Police was raised and the first outpost started functioning in the year 1897.

Aritar Gumpa : A monastery of the Kagyuapa order, considered as one of the holiest and oldest in Sikkim. The visitor’s can imbibe the tranquil air with splendour of monastic arts reflected in its traditional architecture, carved & painted murals and treasure of manuscripts and icons.

Parbateyswar Shivalaya Mandir : The most venerated shrine with picturesque splendour is considered a very holy pilgrimage site, where thousands of devotees throng for the blessing and participate during the month of “SAWAN” to offer water and sip the sacred water from a sacred vessel.

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Best Time to visit Gaddigaon-Aritar

The months of April , May & October are some of the best times to visit. During July, August and September, this place is drenched and some times road are closed due to landslides . But during this time the whole region is covered in various wild flowers. During November to March , this region receives little to no rainfall during this time of the year. Despite the fact that the climate in Silk Route can get bit cold however guests can observer the snow topped mountain go approaching above valleys encasing Silk Route.

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