Lava rishop lolegaon package tour

Rishyap / Rishop is a small Himalayan hamlet located on the edge of the Neora Valley forest. The place is well known for the majestic views of the Kanchenjunga range. Interested travelers can enjoy the forest walk along the picturesque green forest with a variety of birds and flora. Rishop is a Lepcha community village in the mountainous landscape at an altitude of 8,500 ft. It’s only 32 kms from Kalimpong and 9 kms from Lava. For those who love trekking, there are a 4 kms of a trek from Lava. Over the years, many tourists accommodations have come up at Rishyap. The local Sherpas and Lepchas have built small cottage-type accommodations for tourist.

Tiffindara, a sunrise-view spot, is about 1 km from here. The most amazing view of Kanchenjunga can be witnessed from a magical viewpoint call Tiffindara. Nathula and Jelep La can be viewed partially from Tiffindara in Rishop. At clear nights, far below, one can view the lights twinkling in the nearby towns and villages.

By and large this marvelous spots gives you a blended beauty sight of mountains, forest, tweeting birds, crisp morning and the night sky.

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Where to stay in Rishop

There are many private accommodations available in Rishop. Guest can either choose to stay in Government Forest Bungalow in lava or they can opt to stay in private hotels and resort which are located in around Rishop. You get great perspective on Kanchenjunga snow tops from most of the resort/home stay here on a sunny morning.

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