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The beautiful small hill village Nokdara as picturesque. It still hides himself in awe of the urban ambiance. This tourist center at Nakdara in Kalimpong is already in the spotlight for its unearthly beauty. If you ever wants to spend a little time in the mountains, then this is the perfect place for you. Origin of the Name of the Nokdara is From Lepcha word “Nok Hlo” Nok in Lepcha Language Meaning Black, foggy or Cold and Hlo means Hills. Nature has scattered all her beauty throughout this village. In the morning, Kanchangangha, welcome you .  your day will become more beautiful with the sweet and innocent smiles of small school going children. You can find flower nurseries in every house of this village. Walk through the roads, and you will be found many happy faces around you, they are very cordial and want to communicate with you in every possible way. You actually can feel the silence of nature here…with only few unknown birds are quarreling among them.

Located between Lava and Lolegaon, two popular tourist destinations in Kalimpong, this new tourist destination is a collage of stunning views surrounded by mountains and jungles. The entire Nakdara tourist center has been built on a total land of two and a half acres. The lake has been created over an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. Lovely gardens and lawns have also been created next to it. Incoming tourists can sit and enjoy boating on the lake.

Also, the complex is within a forest that is full of rich flora and fauna. It is about 40 km away from the main Kalimpong town and  in the middle of Lava and Loleygaon. Spanning over  2.5 acer of land, the complex is about 9 kms from Lava and 5kms from Loleygaon. With background of Dhupi forest nokdara is picturesque. You can just stroll around the lake and make a round trip, the walkway is decent and you will discover shades to unwind. Being new, there aren’t numerous offices around

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Where to stay in Nokdara

Nokdara is a small hill village and a upcoming tourist destinations. so don’t expect much fancy accommodation options here. There is few home stay available .

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