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Enclosed with the green forested region and spread over the bank of the shining waterway Torsa south khoirabari is renowned for Tiger and Leopard Rescue Center situated around 10 kilometers from Madarihat.

A spot in the midst of the nature for the once free willed creatures which were strongly restrained for the simple diversion reason, South khoirabari is the place of refuge for rescued animals. The center has been created with the target of treatment and recovery of leopards and tigers. The leopards and tigers have been kept in a regular habitat in this park.

During the ban of using wild animals in circuses around 11 tigers were rescued from the Olympic circus in Hoogly District and kept at khoirabari. Numerous leopards and cubs recovered from the tea gardens and illicit animal smugglers are likewise kept in South khoirabari. They are giving recovery facility to all the animals experiencing different sorts of torment and danger.

The environment of the place is peaceful and travelers will think that its fascinating to watch the  animal  living it up in their home. with its grand excellence has  become one of the favoured tourist destinations in Dooars.

Guests can even go for boating in the wandering waterway stream of Buri Torsa. The waterway Torsa moving through the jungle appears as though a shining snake pondering through the thick emerald green forest.

A perfect picnic spot for family looking forward to relax and have fun .

This is the must visit spot of Dooars Package tour or Dooars tour plan.

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Where to stay in south khoirabari

Forest cottages are available in South Khayerbari Rescue Center. All of these cottages are set up on the bank of Buri Torsha River. There is few other home stay accommodation available nearby. There is plenty of good resort available in madarihat , just 10 km from here.

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Best Time to visit

Jaldapara remains closed from 15th June to 15th september, the best time to visit the park is during the winter time between November to March.

How to Reach South khoirabari

By Air – Nearest airport is Bagdogra airport, about 133Km from the National Park. Bagdogra airport is well connected by road network to Jaldapara .

By Rail – Nearest railway station is Madarihat railway station, about 8 Km from here. Hasimara the other important railway station where most of the express train have stoppage is only 17 Km from the south khoirabari. One can come through Falakata station also and the distance is only 18 KM.  The most important railway station in the North East India is NJP. NJP is directly connected with all major stations in India. Distance between NJP and jaldapara is around 124 KM.

By Road: Jaldapara is connected by National Highway with Siliguri and can be reached by car. Madarihat is the entry point for the sanctuary. It is located on the NH 31 (Siliguri-Hasimara section). There are a number of government and privately operated vehicles that go to Jaldapara at frequent intervals are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat.

You can also visit the spot either from Jaldapara or while driving to Jaldapara from Murti by means of Birpara. From Jaldapara Tourist Lodge of West Bengal Tourism, a drive of about 2kms will get you to the passage of South Khairbari forest. From that point you have to drive for another 12 kms through thick jungle.