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SikiaJhora is a river stream flowing through near the dense mixed wet forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve. It is an extraordinary spot for greenery and  animal lovers. Its  full of with greenery and wildlife and an incredible spot to visit. A little dam and dike was developed here.

The river flows down through near the forest area with the branches of the trees lining across the river. The branches of the tall trees bends down over the river. Rich in bio-diversity, It is home to a healthy population of birds and butterflies.

Sikia Jhora is situated at a serene and least populated area of the Buxa. It also famous for its unique concept of boat safari. Tourists enjoy boat safaris at the river stream surrounded by the dense forest of Buxa,  a must visit destination of Dooars.

The boat safari here lets the vacationers discover the less trodden goals of Buxa forest which can’t be gone upon foot. Riding on a vessel upon the waterway stream falling through the thick forest  region of blended wet wilderness while spoting some wild animal and birds can be a dreamlike ride which can be experience just in Sikiajhora boat safari in Buxa Forest.

Fortunate voyagers may even detect some wild creatures drinking water at the waterway bank of Sikiajhora, the 4km country boat safari is loaded up with the articulate rush of experiencing some wild creatures of Buxa forest.

Blessed with the picturesque sight of lush green forest and serene ambiance, the boat safari on the quaint river Sikiajhora meandering through the Buxa Forest creates a perfect situation to escape the boredom of monotonous life making it a must visit destination of Dooars region for the tourist searching a retreat amidst pristine nature.

Favored with the pleasant sight of rich green forest and quiet climate, the boat safari on the stream Sikiajhora wandering through the Buxa Forest makes an ideal circumstance to get away from the fatigue of dull life. Making it an must visit place  of Dooars for the travelers looking through a retreat in the midst of immaculate nature.

It is one of the most popular tourist spot of Dooars package tour or Dooars tour plan or Sikiajhora buxa jayanti package tour.

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Where to stay in Sikiajhora

There is few very good accommodation facilities available in sikiajhora . one can also stay at a good resort in damanpur , just 4 km away.

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Best Time to visit

While boating on the Sikiajhora once can enjoy the ride through the denced buxa forest throughout the year except the rainy season. since the Buxa forest stays shut from 15th June to 15th September. The best time to make a large portion of the boat safari is in the early morning and evening.  

How to Reach Sikiajhora

The nearest railway station is Alipurduar junction Railway station , its only 6 km from away. Another major stations is New Alipurduar rail station and the distance is only 15 km . You can hire cars or local toto /auto from the station to reach Sikiajhora.  Its only 1 km from the National Highway 317.


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