raimatang buxa jayanti tour plan

Raimatang is a little forest village situated on the river Raimatang in Dooars in Buxa Tiger Reserve . It is surrounded by evergreen forest, hills and waterway. Settled in the midst of the rich green timberland buxa tiger reserve , 45 km from Alipurduar, this village is a curious woodland village in the western Buxa territory in the dooars region.

The one of a kind area of the village inside the woods and near Bhutan outskirt and its delightful encompassing has made it an alluring odd visitor goal of Dooars. This makes it an ideal getaway for individuals who love nature, untamed life

Essentially Raimatang town has been famous spot for the undertakings traveler who is nature sweetheart attached to quietness condition, lively with hints of flying creatures creepy crawlies, glimpse  of beautiful butterflies, inquisitive of various trees little timberland house and so on.The backwoods is a home to Asiatic Elephants and assorted natural life like peacocks, parakeets, wild canines, hornbills, and hoopoes.

This forest village does not have strong tourism infrastructure, as there is no such visitor accommodation however it is the goal for vacationer searching for stay in the midst of nature away from swarmed place of interest. Situated very close to Bhutan border and due to its close proximity to Buxa. It is endowed with rich diversity of flora and fauna.

There is a watch tower in Raimatang.  Tourist may observe the wildlife and get the panoramic view of the Buxa Tiger Reserve and vast water bed from the watch tower. Tourist might be able to see enthralling sight of hundreds of colorful butterflies flocking around the river.

For bird watchers Raimatang is a perfect spot as it is occupied by various Himalayan fowls like Myna, Hornbill, Wild Parrot, Verditer Flycatcher, Drongo, Peacock, Ibisbill, Migratory Goosander, Wagtails, Black Necked Crane, Large Whistling Teal and some more. The quiet of Raimatang consistently gets suspended by the twittering hints of these winged creatures.

If the tourists are feeling more adventurous they might like trekking towards Lepchakha Village which offers an astounding panoramic view of Bhutan hills, lush forested area of Buxa National Park and 12 river streams meandering through Dooars, the amazing vista is sure to leave the tourists spell bind.

The evenings here are quiet and quiet just broken by the hooting of owls and tweeting of crickets while the twilight backwoods make a mysterious mood in Raimatang a sight to be loved for the existence time.

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Where to stay in Raimatang

There is few private home stay facilities available in here. . Accommodation is available at Forest Bungalow also in rajabhatkhwa .

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Best Time to visit

Pick whenever space aside from the monsoons. During this season, the stream augments because of overwhelming rainfall. To attempt to cross the riverbed could be hazardous. Vehicles could get adhered or dead because of the water leaking in the motor.

How to Reach Raimatang

Closest town is Kalchini, a little villa in Dooars 35 km from Alipurduar Junction. From Kalchini you pass through tea garden streets, at that point you will be passing through the riverbed. This makes Raimatang difficult to reach during the stormy season. There is no appropriate street or road over the stream. around 30 minutes pass through the Dima riverbed, you will reach on the opposite side of the stream and enter the town of Raimatang.