Lal Jhamela Basti

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Lal Jhamela Basti , a virgin tourist spot is a famous tourist spot that rests in the quaint corner of Dooars, West Bengal. It is located near Looksan village in the district of Jalpaiguri. Diana river flows beside this hamlet. The place offers a splendid view of the Bhutan hills & appealing view of the confluence of river Diana.  It is a beautiful place that is dotted with towering trees and a vast carpet of the green grass . A 25 minutes walk from Lal Jhamela will take you to a hanging bridge situated in the Bhutan border. The beautiful scenery and mesmerizing environment of the place will leave you spellbound. Such a location of this tourist attraction makes it stand among the places. 

Lal Jhamela Basti has a poignant background. Lal Jhamela Basti was set up by local villagers who claimed their right to land was given away by the then Congress government to a private tea company in the early 1970s. The agitation was led by two youth — Lal Somra Oraon and Jhamela Somra Oraon — who clashed with police forces. Many workers were injured in the violence but the villagers were able to settle down in the area.

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Best Time to visit

One can visit lal jhamela basti throughout the year. The dark rolling clouds over the lush mountains and diana riverbeds in the horizon in monsoons are a treat to the eyes. The winters are also nice to visit the place.

How to Reach Lal Jhamela Basti

Lal Jhamela Basti is a well-known tourist spot and is visited extensively. It can be reached without any hassle by hiring the service of the local buses and cabs. Lal Jhamela Basti is 40 km from New Mal Junction. Hired cars are available from the station to reach the village. Since it is difficult to get a car for the return journey, so it is better to hire the car for both upward and downward journey.


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