Cooch Behar


Lying on the northern fringes of the state of west bengal. Cooch Behar is a small town in the Eastern region of the state of. This town is surrounded by Assamese towns on its East and the neighboring country of Bangladesh on its South. It  is a district and a town boasting of a rich history. It is often regarded as a historically rich town and houses some of the most ancient artifacts and remains of pre-colonial rule in India. The place got its name from the Cooch dynasty which made this town its Capital 400 years ago.

During the 11th and 12th Century AD, the Pala-Senas ruled Cooch Behar. The sculptures and coins of the Sultanate and the Mughal Periods, and the temples and mosques of the medieval and late medieval periods reveal that the ancient kingdom of Kamrup played a role in the development of the present city.

One of the many princely states of India during the rule of the British East India Company, It was later integrated into the Indian union after 1947. From palaces to temples and lakes, most of the major tourism attractions can be traced back to the days when it was under the rule of the royal family.

Rich varieties of migratory birds, ancient religious temples and annual cultural fairs are other important attractions of this city.This town is also famous for its weather as it remains uniformly pleasant throughout the year.

Cooch Behar is also a land of temples. The most notable among these is the Madan Mohan Bari. On the occasion of Raas Puja, the traditional Raas Jatra Festival along with Raas Mela is held here and is among the biggest festivals of North Bengal.

Tourist Places In And Around

Cooch Behar Tourism offers some very important places for the tourists to visit. Some of the important tourist places include the Madan Mohan Temple, Rasik Beel, Sagar Dighi, cooch behar royal palace (Raj Bari), Siddhanath Shiva Temple, Baneswar Shiva temple, the Gosanimari Rajpat , an important excavation site.

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Best Time to visit

One can visit here throughout the year. The beauty can be relished anytime except the rainy season. Best time to visit Cooch Behar is during the winter time when the weather is perfect for travelling.

How to Reach Cooch behar

Traveling to Cooch behar is easy as the city has its own airstrip and railway station, making it a well connected city .

By Air: Bagdogra Airport, located near Siliguri,  Cooch behar  airport is the nearest airport .

By Train: The nearest railway head is New-Cooch-Behar. There are regular train services to the station, as it is one of the important rail routes connecting Northeast India.

By Road: There is a regular bus service that connects Cooch Behar to the neighboring cities. Apart from government bus service, there are private buses as well, running throughout West Bengal and adjoining states, to and from the city.


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