Chunia & Bhutani basti watch tower

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Chunia and the Bhutia Basti Watchtower is the part of Buxa Tiger Reserve and located across the Jayanti river on the opposite side of Jayanti forest village. This falls in the buffer zone of Buxa Tiger Reserve.

On the way to the watch tower one can spot many different wildlife including different types of deer , wild boars, leopards, bisons,  and more. Elephants can also be spotted many times. One of the most thrilling part of the safari is crossing over the riverbed of Jayanti river,  the rocky riverbed with lovely views of Bhutan hills. This forest routes too were once under the river and full of sands and loose rocks with formation of water bodies along the way.

View from the chunia watch tower is spectacular , not only can you see the canopy of trees covering the forest, you also get a great view of different patches of the jungle… ideal for spotting wildlife. 

There is another watchtower in the name of “Bhutia Basti Watchtower” on the way to Chunia. Bhutia Basti is just 1.5 km away from Jayanti. There is a water body in front of the tower. In the months summer wild animals gather at the water body to douse their thirst.

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Best Time to visit

One can visit Chunia & Bhutani basti watch tower throughout the year Except the monsoon season. The BTR remains closed during the monsoon season (15th June to 15th September) so you won’t get the permit for chunia & bhutia basti watch tower . Best time to visit Chunia & Bhutani basti watch tower is October to March.

How to Reach

Chunia & Bhutani basti watch tower safari start from Jyanti . Bhutia Basti is just 1.5 km away from Jayant and chunia watch tower is only around 9 km from the jayanti village. One must get a entry ticket from Rajabhatkhwa gate to enter the jayanti. Guest can visit the watch tower in their own car but in that case they must need to hire a guide . Small car can’t run in that route . One can hire safari jeep from jayanti to visit the watch towers.


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