Bodaganj Bhamri Devi temple


Bhramari Devi Temple is situated in Bodaganj, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Here, Goddess Bhramari as Shakti, possessing 12 petals, builds the antibodies to guard devotees from all the diseases. It is believed that the “Vama Pada” or the left leg of Devi Sati/ Durga fell at this place to form the Maa Bhramri Devi Mandir (Bhramri Devi Temple).

Bodaganj is a village in the Baikunthapur forest area close to Teesta river and there are places around Bodaganj that are attractive for nature lovers as well. Shikarpur Tea garden nearby is also a good place to spend some time. The temple premise has idols of Shiva and Parvati and a number of other deities. Locals as well as people from the surrounding area visit here in large numbers. 

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How to Reach Bhramari Devi Temple

There are a number of routes leading here. Bodaganj is close to both Siliguri and NJP . Its only 28 KM from NJP and 26 KM from siliguri town. The easiest to follow is via Fatapukur, a small town midway between Jalpaiguri – Siliguri highway. From Fatapukur drive to Belakoba (4 km) from here, village roads will lead you to Bodaganj about 10 km away. 


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