Phobjikha valley (Gangtey Valley)

Phobjikha valley - Gangtey Valley - Central Bhutan - Top attraction

The Phobjikha Valley is a vast U-shaped valley in central Bhutan. A beautiful bowl-shaped glacial valley located against a background of the Black Mountains. A perfect getaway for nature and wildlife lovers, Phobjikha valley in Bhutan is one of the most awesome natural beauty one may discover in Bhutan.

The valley is also known as Gangte Valley, named after the Gangtey Monastery. The valley houses one of the impressive ancient Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan known as Gangteng monastery is located on a hillock in the Phobjikha Valley that gives you a mesmerizing scenery of the Phobjikha Valley.

The graceful black-necked cranes in Bhutan visit the valley during the winter season to roost. On arrival in the Phobjikha Valley in the last week of October, the black-necked cranes circle the Gangteng Monastery three times and also repeat the process while returning to Tibet.
Viewed as the most happiest spot in Bhutan, the Phobjikha Valley is one of only a handful glacial valleys in the nation. Awesome sightseeing through out the Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan will lead you to unforgettable experiences of the dark necked cranes, the Gangtey Monastery, Wangmo Hand-Woven Carpet Factory, thus considerably more. Gangtey treks are generally mainstream among sightseers.

In the Phobjikha valley in particular, the black-necked cranes have a celebrity status, as witnessed by the Crane Festival held every year on 12 November, soon after their arrival from the Tibet in the late October. The festival is celebrated in the courtyards of the Gangten Gonpa and in the entire Phobjikha Valley. The festival is attended by a large number of local people. On this occasion, children wearing crane costumes perform choreographed crane dances. During this period, cranes are seen flying at high altitudes over the mountains. Many tourists also visit the valley to witness this festival.

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Top Attractions of Phobjikha valley

Gangteng Monastery/ Gangtey Gompa : The Gangtey Monastery, generally known as Gangtey Goenpa or Gangtey Monastery, is an important monastery of Nyingmapa school of Buddhism, the main seat of the Pema Lingpa tradition. It is located in the Wangdue Phodrang District in the western part of Bhutan . . . Read more about Gangteng Monastery

Black Necked Crane Information Center  :The Royal Society for Protection of Nature has set up an information center on Black Necked Cranes. Situated on the edge of the woods and wetland along the main street of Phobjikha valley, the black necked crane information Center has an observation room equipped with high power telescope and spotting scopes for getting the best perspective on the cranes. Read more about Black Necked Crane Information Center.

Gangtey Nature Trail: This pleasurable walk gives chance to get decent feel of Phobjikha valley. From the little ridge sitting above Gangtey Goemba, you head downhill through bloom knolls to Semchubara town and from here through lovely backwoods and into open valley. The path closes at the neighborhood network school subsequent to passing a chorten and Khewal Lhakhang.

Where to stay in Phobjikha valley

In Phobjika Valley ( also know as Gangtey) you will get low difference in staying choices. On one hand, you have barely any lavish lodgings and on the other there are some mid quality hotels, while home stay are additionally on offer. Gangtey isn’t on a similar scale as Thimphu or Paro and it is even less touristy .

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Best Time to visit Phobjikha valley

The best an ideal time to visit this wonderful valley would be around the long stretches of October, November and December. In the event that you visit the valley in November, at that point you are in the correct time for the Crane Festival that happens each year, giving the dark necked crane a big name status.

It is suggested that you shouldn’t visit the valley during the monsoon and winter season, because of dropping temperature. In the event that you visit Bhutan in the start of the spring season, you’ll explore the wonderful blossoms that bloom by the beginning of this season.

How to Reach Phobjikha valley

If you are intending to visit Phobjikha Valley whenever, there are different ways you can reach. These are the most ideal approaches to come to the delightful Phobjikha valley:

From Thimphu to Phobjika the distance is 125 km and from Wangdue is 17 km. Phobjika from Phuntsheoling is 280 Km. From Trongsa to Phobjika, the distance 84.3 km .  If you want to approach Phobjika from Bumthang then you have to cover distance is 163 km

By Cab/Car : Taking a taxi is seems as the most ideal approach to arrive at the valley. You can take a taxi from Thimphu to Phobjikha . You can likewise go for shared taxicabs from Wangdue town to Phobjikha .

By Bus : There are local bus service to the valley from Thimphu each Thursday and Saturday. The bus service started from Thimphu to Wangdue at 7:00. You can take an immediate bus from Wangdue to Phobjikha that takes 6 hours to arrive at the valley.

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