Paro Airport Bird’s Eye view point

Paro Airport Bird's Eye view point - top attraction of paro

Paro Airport Bird’s Eye view point offers a stunning view on the city. With the Paro International air terminal being in the best ten shocking air terminals on the planet, you can envision what’s coming up for you. In the midst of the mountains, the sight is so beautiful and striking that one remains speechless by the loftiness of the city.

The international air terminal of Bhutan is among the 10 most challenging air terminals on the planet. The surrounding peaks as high as 5000 m makes it a touch of challenge, but then Paro air terminal is something you should eye for. Getting mesmerized each second with the perspective on lively green valley with spouting sound of Paro river underneath, dazzling blue sky above, and high mountains around the Paro valley makes it a unforgettable picture. Try not to miss seeing leaving flights from Paro Airport Bird’s Eye view point which in itself is an unique experience.

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